Corona SDK Daily Build Update

Corona SDK Daily Build Update

The current Corona Daily Build is now 1041. And we’ve been doing a lot to make Corona the best cross-platform engine out there.

Lots of small items that we’ve knocked out include:

  • Android: Fixed silent crash that can only be seen in the log when exiting out of the app having native objects, (introduced in Daily Build #1030)
  • Android: Fixed silent crash that can only be seen in the log when quickly backing out of the app just before an alert dialog or activity indicator gets displayed
  • Android: When cancelAlert is called on an alert the event.action was clicked instead of cancelled, casenum: 10224
  • Android: Fixed store.finishTransaction() with Google Play; no longer causes past purchases to be received
  • Android: Fixed bug where a landscape-only app would sometimes display a black screen when returning from screen lock, (happens rarely and only on particular devices)
  • Android: Fixed a crash that can sometimes occur when accessing a TextField or TextBox’s “text” property while the end-user is editing the field
  • Disable “demo” fix due to win sim bug
  • iOS: Inneractive: Added minor change to support the keywords ‘fullscreen’ or ‘interstitial’ to display interstitials

A ton of polish items dominated our bug fix list for Widget 2.0, but we also fixed some annoying iOS and Android bugs:

  • 10224: Android: Alert Box not returning “cancelled” action
  • 21159: Android: would fail to load images from Picasa, Google+, SkyDrive, and other remote sources
  • 21098: iOS: native.newWebView loading/refresh coverup panel does not align with element
  • 20755: iOS: Webview gray loading page is offset
  • 20733: Kindle: On the amazon kindle the attachments had the wrong content type which caused the attachments to show incorrectly.
  • 21068: Widget 2.0: TableView insertRow id
  • 21073: Widget 2.0: All labels on buttons are embossed regardless of the ’emboss’ setting.
  • 21099: Widget 2.0 tableView category touch bug
  • 21140: Widget 2.0: “ended” event fired when finger released off button
  • 21160: Widget 2.0: bug with .deleteAllRows()
  • 21162: Widget 2.0: ScrollView: Pulling past limits repeatedly, causes the scrollView to scroll in the opposite direction
  • 21188: Widget 2.0: Tinting graphics buttons not possible
  • 21243: Widget 2.0: Set tableview selection color
  • 21249: Widget 2.0: ScrollView: Scroll Width/Height not recalculated with added content
  • 21251: Widget 2.0: newtableview – tableViews with few rows have incorrect bottom limit
  • Krystian
    Posted at 03:49h, 05 March

    I’m looking forward to better text positioning on the simulator.
    If I’ve got something correct in simulator it will be higher on the device [iphone/ipad].
    I’m using custom fonts.

  • VRMan
    Posted at 07:42h, 08 March

    I’ve only been using Corona (love it) for about four months, but I’m left wondering how often do they update the free one? When can we expect an update? My partner is using the PC version and we are waiting for the text fields to work in his sim (work on Mac fine). We plan on subscribing when our game is finished but I wonder why you don’t update the free version more often?

    Thanks for any info on that subject, and best regards.