One of our most frequently asked questions is about our feature roadmap. Where is Corona headed? What’s next on the horizon? While product roadmaps can be unpredictable, and items may be added/removed/postponed, the following roadmap should give you a general sense of what our plans are, with the understanding that they are subject to change without notice.


This roadmap covers our plans for 2018. These are estimated start dates. In most cases, we hope to start and complete the items during their listed quarter, but some items are large projects and will span multiple quarters. Also there is no implied order for each quarter — some items toward the end of each quarter list may be finished before items near the beginning are even started.

Completed or in Beta

  • Continue working on implementing HTML5 builds *In Beta*
  • Better support for emitters when added to display groups
  • New Android sound subsystem based on modern APIs *In Beta*
  • Improve Appodeal plugin
  • Marketplace 2.0
  • Rebuild internal statistics system

Q3 2018

  • Animation plugin *Started*
  • Text rendering plugin *Started*
  • Move the Android build system to Gradle Based *Started*
  • Explore Windows Universal Builds
  • Amazon IAP improvements
  • Investigate wireless install for iOS, tvOS
  • Revenue-share version of the AdMob plugin
  • Per-vertex meshes coloring
  • Optimize touch events
  • Tile engine support
  • Move the Plugin build system to Gradle Based

Q2 2018

  • Support arm64 architectures *Started*
  • Auto-click masks *Started*
  • Android API level 27 support *Started*
  • Open source Lua frameworks like timer.* and transition.* *Started*
  • Explore the Nintendo Switch platform
  • Improve Live Builds by adding console logging

Q4 2018

  • Open Source efforts
  • Investigate Linux builds
  • iOS Offline builds from Corona Simulator
  • Investigate post-OpenGL rendering systems

Please reach out to us with any questions or comments on this list. Once again, this is a projected roadmap and it’s subject to change.

If one of your most desired features is not on the list, don’t panic — please continue to submit or gather votes at our feature request site. We will continue to evaluate features requested by Corona developers and we may alter the roadmap as we get more feedback.